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There she was,

And there she wasn’t,

There he was then wasn’t,

Poof! Zip! Zap!


Here and there,


And there they were,

Staring at each other,

And the,

Endless sea,

Wondering together,

What will be,

What will be?

Author’s Note: Sometimes you’re there to catch the moment, albeit quick and frisky. A photog’s eye saw it happening and captured a poem in motion, the image burnt on your mind’s eye forever. Never hesitate. Seize the moment, for each moment only comes by once. Albeit, many like it to come, this moment in time was captured and locked in poetry’s closet, for the joy is in the heart of the beholder. Jay and Charlotte, I dedicate this poem to y’all ❤️

“Thank you, uh! Thank you very much, uh!”

tom tenbrunsel, poet laureate of my domain

*photo sequence by Erin (You said it would be a poem and here it is😉

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