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I take this opportunity

Wishes sent your way

To wish you and yours

Merry Christmas,

Happy New Year every day

May your thoughts and dreams come true

May Christmas be kind to you

Sing sing Noel Noel 🎶

Feel the clang of the Christmas bell

From the first Noel

To the last

From Christmas present and past

May you be filled with the joy, Noel

All year may your Christmas Joy last

tom tenbrunsel

Carl Sandburg Writer 2023

Author’s Note: Noel is from Latin, natus, where we get the nativity, meaning “birth,” and the French used it over time to exclusively mean the birth of Jesus, The First Noel; The First Born of God.


My gift to you this year is over 300 photo poems and rhyming prose on my website and in the three books and ebooks (Picture This, Walk With Me, Ashes to Appalachia), I published this year for you. The books were published as a part of my commitment as Carl Sandburg Writer 2023. My niche is photo poetry, much like poetry put to music or the artists creation placed on canvas. Each of my poems tells a story with rhyme and rhythm, meant to impart thought, emotion and entertainment to touch the soul of you, the reader. My wish is that you be "left with a tear or a giggle, you may find yourself making mental note of the life-lesson treasures embedded in my rhythmic lines. Get comfy and be ready to be entertained." Unwrap my gifts to you, pray and enjoy what you may find there.

I’ll see you next year, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

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