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More often than not, I am hastening to get a poem fleshed out in the wee hours of the morning, serendipity is at play. And today, I have released my latest collection on Amazon, called Picture This: A Full Color Collection of Photo Poetry.

This is the first in a series of four full-color photo poetry books. I have chosen the ebook format because it makes my works available to a wider audience. And because it is the most economical way to publish photo poetry. You can follow along with me on this website as I contunue to publish

As you read My poems, you’ll visit the four corners of imagination – a never ending journey, teaching the meanings of life along the way. Use this book as a window into your own writing style and creativity. Pursue your internal poet and write. Write every day! Get the EBOOK edition in full HD color. The launch price of the ebook is $3.99 for a short time only. (The paperback edition is without the HD photos)

Please rate ebook and leave a review, if you will. It helps to get the word out. Forward the Amazon link to your friends. Bless you🙏

tom tenbrunsel, Author

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