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Updated: Jan 4

Brooking the Chattooga from a photo by Brian

I am writing my memoirs. It is a gathering of my life stories, by which you will come to know me. I’m a storyteller. You might guess that’s exactly the way I would approach my own story, stories about my youth as far back‘s I can remember, side stories of people and happenings that have caused me being me. Well rooted in the Family Tree as far as the eye can see. Wife and kids and grand ones (eight). College and jobs and fun things, and recreates. There will be quite a few backstories of history untold, but for me, you would never know: civil rights and “The Schoolhouse Door,” the launch of Pioneer, Amqui Station, John Denver, Neil Armstrong, the graduate student who actually discovered superconductivity, fish stories, epic treks, and bikes, friends, acquaintances, Team Redneck and much more. You’ll get to know my life, wife and family. It’s my wrinkle in time. So hop on the story train; come along with me on my journey. I expect to publish it in 2023, God willing And the creek don’t rise.

I thank you all.

Tom Tenbrunsel ©️

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