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Oh Christmas Tree!

Oh Christmas Tree?

What toys and joys you hide,


Old Christmas Tree,

An old man’s memory;

Oh, Christmas Tree,

What Joy your Shadow tells;

The light brite, dazzling glitter;

I fritter,

I Fritter away countless hours,

Mesmerized by your twinkling;


What Christmas will bring?

What gathering?

What Joy?

What Toy?

What Love?

What Child from above.

Arthur's Note: Originally posted Christmas 2020 and appears in my latest book Ashes to Appalachia: A Compilation of My Best Poems to Date. One of my favorite photo poems to sit by my Xmas tree, evenings by the fire, brandy in hand, memoirs on my mind, while musing on Christmases past, present, future. Come muse with me.

tom tenbrunsel

Carl Sandburg Writer 2023

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