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Updated: Aug 7, 2023

*photo by Brian and Laura Oh take me down

To the Sea of Galillee

Cleanse me

Wash me free

Of my iniquity

For from where I bedded

I woke up amidst a vision

As real as could be

I woke up overlooking

Sunrise over Galilee

My vision of an unearthed

Mount of the Sermon,

Me, Overlooking the Sea

The Sea of Galilee

I Was there to hear His echo

To hear His Word

To feast with the multitude gathered

Loaves and Fishes all around.


I was touched and freed


At the Sea of Galilee

A donkey’s ride away

From destiny

I was freed.

I walked down barefoot

Wadded into the water

And was purified


My stress quieted

I tried walking on the water

As did Peter that day

But my faith escaped my

Imaginative hope

Prayer ensued

Hope and Prayer was my alternative.

Could the Spirit


Possibly be the same

As is with me now?



As then

In that Holy Land

Could it be Mother Earth

Blessed by the birth child of Mother Mary

That watches over us eternally

Are we one with our Maker

One with our Savior





Spread the Word

Do unto others


Awakened from my ancient traveled dream

I ask,

No plead

Why then? Why not now?

When mere billions more people

Billions more evil surrounds us

Testing our very Faith

Now needed

Now to hear His word

Now even evermore

On earth

We need it more

Oh rising water of Noah

Cleanse us

Now as before

The Spirit truly abides

In those haunts of yore.

Oh Sea of Galilee

Lift me

Lift me up

Let me walk hand in hand

With He,

He Who set us free!

tom tenbrunsel

Carl Sandburg Writer 2023


Inspired direct from the Holy Land while emailing Brian and Laura. Poem read aloud in the Garden of Gethsemane, in Jerusalem By Brian Tenbrunsel 4/23/2023, The tree in the background is over 2000 years old.

Aurthor’s Note: Is this religious? No. Is it Catholic? No. It is my belief system based on history and science, that there is a Maker in all this. Why does this story never wear out?There is a spiritual side of being human that cannot be set aside, if you struggle with it, pray. Carl Sandburg in his Pulitzer poetic frenzy arrived at the proof of Christ in his poem Silver Star,” in the poem, he ends with, “… And a baby there in swaddling clothes, on hay - Why does this story never wear out?”

Think about it. We are still in the time of Christ. In The year 2033 it will be 2000 years since the redeeming death of Christ. Two thousand years ago that day now in the near future. I hope I make it, Aunt Rose, I hope I make it, to celebrate this benchmark of our freedom from oblivion.

Some of my poems are inspired. Some a spirit moves my mind and hand. This poem came direct while in the middle of emailing my son and his wife about their current pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Cold chills moved me to speak my mind. In one of the photos Brian was standing ankle deep on a wooded platform in the actual Sea of Galilee. Hence the reference in the poem.

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1 commentaire

24 avr. 2023

What an honor to have my poem read aloud in public where it all took place! Thank you, Brian (and for Laura filming it!”❤️❤️🙏

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