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Stand on the Edge

On the ledge

Let the spirit of the moment

Wash over you

Lift you

To lightly soar the impossible

Mountain heights

Hold them in your arms

Reach out and touch a sunset

For it is yours to take with you


Soak in the Smokies serenity

Their beauty is yours to behold

Shrouded in the never ending

Smoke-like haze

From whence

They get their name.

Bathe in the beauty from the Edge

Be healed by the serenity

The Smokies afford

Be Reborn above the clouds

For you are

In Heaven’s Edge

And there is no end to the view

Nor end to the dream

That you were once here

Where family and friends

Gather to be blessed.

tom tenbrunsel 1/30/2023

Carl Sandburg Writer for 2023

*for further information on the family cabin, “Heaven’s Gate,” at Cobbly Knob, Gatlinburg, TN, contact Pam Barnup (865) 310-9033

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06 mar 2023

Wendy - I wrote this poem while staying at Heaven’s Edge. I fleshed it out the next week. Just the mountain tops were snow covered. By winter’s view on the back porches, one could see forever. The trees seemed to beckon, paint a poem for us, for they and the sky, dawns and the Smoky sunsets are the view, forever.


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