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Updated: May 11, 2023

*photo by Erin Erin There once was a sad waterfall,

Oh my, so dry,

Which required a Princess,

To Climb up upon its rocks,

And declare,


That it flow, forth,

Once more.

The rock,


As if on command,

Changed to liquid,

And water fell forth,

Over that falls

Ten thousand years,


There were many faces,


In the wall,

From many places indeed,


To welcome her,

The Princess,

Princess of the Universe.

Author’s Note: It takes a free Spirit, a Sprite, to change rock to water. Moses did it once. A bit like the Princess and the frog Prince. True story? Uh! Probably not, but then often fiction, in the form of tales, can be believable, in the eye of the poet. Point well taken. I look at the picture and see faces frozen in stone, waiting for a Princess. Also when I stare at the photo, water begins to flow down that center Vee - You see? You see with your imagination things never before imagined. Look closely at things around you. Look. Listen. Sense. Smell. Taste the cold water. Dare to drink it all in. I dare you.

I see eleven faces. How many do you see?

tom tenbrunsel

poet laureate of my domain

*photo by erin, 6/20/2022

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