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We met down on the plains,

It was plain as day to me,

He promised me the moon,

You see.

Now married,

We made three.

So all over did I followed him,

Following his dream,

It was a journey far,

For me,

It seemed.

As I was a home girl from North Carolina.

Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida,

Seemed, to me, so far.

But what I discovered,

may surprise you all,

For all the dreams

And plans you make,

God knows,

Far more than He,

lets on,

For what I found by following,

Was a happiness so fond!

Finally, finally,

After years of dreams,

For a boat ride,

He took me,

Not any night it seemed,

For yonder appeared that moon,

I spied,

That moon, he had promised me,

Reaching up nye 24 years,

I plucked what was mine,

I pinched it from the sky,

The apple of my eye.

My dreams fulfilled,

Promises done,

I plucked the moon,

He promised,

I’d own.

I just reached up,

Oh look, isn’t that neat!

In distant reach,

He laid the moon at my feet.

As I look back on journeys then,

I know they seem haphazardly,

But those moments not,

Would I ever trade,

For here my moment,


My moon man,

and we!

twt 8/17/2020©️

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