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Second gardens (p47) of each season are the best in my opinion. You have already gone through spring and summer harvesting. Now a bonus awaits you. By planting second crops, late crops, overlaping crops, you are doubling your garden space and harvest size. Plus! Most of those pesky bugs, grubs and insects are gone for the season. They had no idea you were planting a second crop of beans, leafy plants, carrots, garlic, onions and such (some of which will winter over nicely, making it your “third” garden). Winter squash, especially the spegatti variety, make great second plantings around mid-June. How exciting!

Oh my goodness, I just love yellow Romano pole beans. Get the pole bean variety Golden Gate Romano). They are so prolific and make a great overlapping, even three crop, garden. They are tender no matter what size. Cook them up (with your favorite additives) like any other fresh green bean, and they have no strings attached😂

Lastly, remember those Bonnie’s Grape (Tami-G) variety of grape tomatoes I told you about in “Casual Gardening” ( Well, I have been getting upwards of 300 delicious, bite size tomatoes per plant. I just run them up and along my pole bean trellis. They reach 8’ easily so train them at your picking height. Be sure to “spank them.” They are garden candy! I throw a handful in my smoothie every morning, along with anything you like from your garden😎

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