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Updated: Feb 11

A well balanced, healthy life includes exercise, nutrition, relaxation, positive thinking and spiritual balance. It’s what Drs. Tenbrunsel and Carlson teach in their New Weigh©️ therapy with clients. There are more than 1800 diets registered with Health and Human Services. None but New Weigh and Weight Watchers work. Here are their rules of thumb for good weight maintenance. Practice all or any number of these per day and feel good about your new weight loss habits:

  • Drink Water – 1 gallon @ 52° per day

  • Practice Portion Control = 5 gravy spoon size portions of any combination-only

  • Drink hot fluids to curb appetite

  • Exercise Daily 30 minutes + Note: there is a 6 hour metabolism residual to exercise

  • Toning increases metabolism – Work out at home or the gym.

  • Vegetables = 0 calories

  • No sugar! And watch those sneaky liquid calories!

  • No fried foods

  • Never eat alone!

  • Order an appetizer instead or split a meal with a friend

  • Ask for a Doggie Bag to be brought out when the meal is served (put ½ in it)=Bargain!

  • ENJOY special desserts and drink water between bites to enhance the taste

  • Microwave only half at a time of what you intend to eat

  • Alternatives to emotional eating = socially acceptable & available in unlimited quantities

  • Ask for salad dressing on the side. Dip Fork in Salad Dressings and Ketchup etc.

  • Eat a balanced diet

  • Eat only things that will spoil if you leave them out

  • Eat slower - Put your fork down after each bite

  • Leave something on your plate.

  • Read the label and watch the fat contents on labels

  • Add a tablespoon of Fiber One and a fruit to your breakfast cereal

  • Don’t talk while eating special desserts – savor that special dessert flavor!

  • Don’t sit next to the snack tray*

  • Eat more often - Snacks to get you through the day – include appropriate fruit, protein, fat. Graze.

  • Eat slightly less Calories per day - Develop your caloric intake index and stick to it

  • Determine your weight loss per week formula

  • Expect a Plateau after 10% wt loss – Don’t get discouraged

  • Always have three choices of low fat restaurants

  • Cooks – Remember what you taste while cooking counts !

  • Refuse food offered at a party and ask instead if its okay to have seconds as excuse for small portion

  • Practice Stress Management - Stress causes body to store fat weight gain

  • Practice Relaxation and Deep Breathing until they become a daily habit – A deep relaxing breath has a 2 hour residual

  • Remove the bottom bun of your cheeseburger

  • Don’t add salt to your food use other spices and flavoring

  • Success vs. Failure = Feel good about what you are doing to lose and maintain weight

  • Are you addicted? See a good behavioral/medical expert

  • Keep five people informed of your weekly progress.

  • These facts work whether vegan or whatever.

  • Myth Buster! You couldn’t gain five pounds over Thanksgiving if you tried

  • You can’t lose weight by exercising. You burn 100 calories whether you run or walk a mile. You have to burn 3600 calories to lose one pound. Do the math. It’s portion control. Exercise helps keep weight off. Do it.

*except at a wedding. Find the #9 shrimp pyramid and stand next to it all night and engorge yourself without making a fool of yourself😂

Dr. Tenbrunsel © Copyright FulCourt Press, 2007

Thank you Dr. Ralph Carson, wherever you are.

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