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Updated: Jan 23

Spiritual - Exercise - Relaxation - Thinking - Nutrition

Psychological balance and happiness in life depends on a positive healthy balance of SERTN factors.

Cultivate your spiritual side as you choose, but do not leave it out.

Exercise regularly. Make exercise a part of your daily life. Take the stairs. Move, flex and stretch while glued to the computer, cell phone or TV.

Practice deep breathing and relaxation (as detailed in the Relaxation/Stress Management chapter) until it becomes a habit.

We think and then we feel. If you think positive; you feel positive. If you think negatively, you feel bad. Learn how to Stop Negative Thinking, the root of depression and other mental conditions.

Nutrition is essential to peaceful state of mind. Eat a well balance diet utilizing all the five major food groups.

Treat others as you would have them treat you. Laugh a lot. Smile. Be positive and pleasant with others. Treat addictive substances as your psychological enemy, Get proper sleep - Don't cheat sleep.

SERTN balance is the secret to a healthy psychological life. Set your own parameters for certain.

Now go do it. Be SERTN in your daily life.

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