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Is it me

Or not me?

It’s plain to see

It mimics me.

Then sometimes

It’s never there

Am I still here?

A thought I cannot bear

The other day

To my dismay

My shadow was there

But no sign of me?

My destiny.

My shadow and I,

We like to play,

Run and jump,

It’s just,

That I rue the day,

My shadow leaves,

And I’m a lump of dust.

Our favorite game is hide and seek,

At noon I never find him,

If I lay on the grass,

He’s nowhere to be found,

He’s never around,

On a cloudy day.

At night he’s creepy eerie,

As I walk the walk

Among the staccato-ed

Street lamps.

On a sunny day,

If I stand up,

And point due north,

My shadow can rhyme,

The time.

I juke and switch,

I zip one way,

Then ‘thuther,

My shadow struggles,

To keep pace,

With my antics,

And my troubles.


Ticked off,

With my stupid game of off,

My shadow to my dismay,

Just upped and waltzed away,

One day.

Come back!

Come back!

You shadow you!

I must have you,

Through and through,

Without you, you see,

You shadow you,

Without you,

I’m not me.

For you see,

What’s so neat,

Is I’m not complete,

Without my shadow,

Dark quiet, quite discreet.

So I leave the light on,

Wherein I sleep,

For my shadow friend,

I want to keep.

Sun and light,

Are my shadow’s dream.

Without a shadow,

Incomplete I’d seem.

Every body’s got‘s to have a shadow?

Where’s your shadow?

*photo of my shadow diligently guarding my Appalachian grave somewheres along the Appalachian Trail, telling time for passers by, and a story or two about it and I, and the sad day for him, the sunny day I died😉

Key Words: shadow, still hear, destiny, shadow leaves, dust, noon, lay, cloudy, staccato, due north, rhyme, my troubles, waltzed, not complete, leave the light on, Where’s your shadow?

tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of Appalachia

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