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Solitude is sometimes confused with loneliness

But it is Solitude that fuels the soul

In Solitude we are awakened

In Solitude we begin to appreciate

Solitude recognizes Love

In Solitude we confess our sins

Thoughts in Solitude, thank you Thomas

Solitude is the yen of yang

If a tree falls in Solitude, is it a tree?

Solitude proceeds words and is there when all else fails.

It is in Solitude where we hear ourselves think.

Solitude is to the soul, as Thinking is to the mind

Solitude is where we reflect – It is the quiet time when I realize really who I am and come face to face with my imperfections

Solitude is patient and impatient

Solitude is the mirror of our existence

Solitude is the quiet before the storm

Listen to the sounds of silence

Solitude reminds me that I have something to tell myself

Be quiet my spirit, if quiet I must be

Be quiet my Spirit and listen to me.

Solitude is a fresh breeze

Solitude is fall leaves

Solitude is the falling snow

Solitude is a fire in the dead of winter

Solitude is a trout stream and no words spoken between kindred friends

Solitude like a thief in the night steals the angry soul

Without Solitude we are nothing, without Solitude we are not I

Solitude Stop – Look - Listen

Solitude is that deafening roar you hear right after you hear bad news

Solitude is the crickets and frogs in the night air

Solitude brings the silent frost that the sun kindly transforms

Shuuu! Quiet.

Solitude is the winged flight of the Owl

Solitude is the quiet before the storm – Solitude is the eye of the storm

Find Solitude and nourish it – Take a cleansing breath and relax.

Solitude is as near as your heart and as far away as the depths of space where words have not yet reached

Solitude - Turn off the TV, put down the earphones and listen to nothing

Solitude - Read a good book, go fishing, take a hike

Solitude is that moment between prayers

Solitude is nothing and everything at the same time.

Solitude is infinite

Take one minute for yourself

Solitude is inner peace and inner peace must precede outward peace

Without Solitude we cannot proceed

Solitude is the path to the sixth sense

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