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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

My St. Patrick’s Day Cactus

The flower of the hour

You lay in wait

Beyond your date,

Your scheduled date

To flower.

Oh you flower of the hour

Flower so inspiring

You haunt me with your

Burstful blossom

From seemingly nowhere

Your bloom


Challenges the Orchid

For flower of my desire.

So go on,

Though not supposed to,

Bloom you will,

Boast about

All seasons,

Challenging other flowers

Dare reappear

As Often

As constantly

Every season

Every hour

Every year.

March 17th, 2023

tom tenbrunsel

Casual Gardener of the Hour

Author’s Note: St. Patrick’s Day? Really? Actually, there is no controlling my Christmas Cactus flower. It begins to bloom on Thanksgiving, then again on Christmas like it’s supposed to. Then, quite to mine and everyone’s surprise, it blooms on “February Fools Day,” fooling us all. Now! Now on St. Patrick’s Day no less, it blooms in it’s ever lasting full “burstful” beauty blooming glory. It’s a Christmas Cactus no less. Full of itself! And we’re all glad!

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