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TABLE OF CONTENTS: My Wrinkle in Time

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Sample Memoirs Table of Contents:

Who Am I?

My Journey: Come Along With Me

Victory Garden (Casual Gardening)

Boom! Eddie Wotier

The Archbishop


Roblyn Road Racing


Sandburg Serendipity

The Writer in me.

Shape Music

Family Jam

Family Tree



The Paper Boy

Childhood - The Red Buffalo Trail, Troop 5 Ranger Patrol, Boy’s State, Snipe Hunting

Grade School State Champs

Bellarmine College

Grad School and two Landmark Discoveries

Clinical and Sports Psychology Practice


When did I become me?

Marriage and the Family

The Grandkids

“Winter’s Blow!”


Chasing the elusive trout (My first fish) Striping

Cars I’ve Owned

“The Schoolhouse Door”

Founder of the Russian Space Club

Mighty Mickey and The Rednecks

The Guinnethon

Senior Olympics


Thanksgiving with the Indians

Ball Boy at Michigan State

Solar Eclipse 2017

The American Chestnut

Superconductivity Ernst and Me

Trans Michigan XC Trek

Into the Canyon

Ski for Light

Grand Canyon Trek

How to Canoe

Hiking, Camping, Boom, Bears and Things that Scream in the Night

Poetry and Publications

Brian’s Miracle Story

Cancer Thriver

The Poet in Me

Random Short Stories

Books and Reviews

Close Calls

Harmon, The Unknown Soldier

“There I am, Pimmy.”

”So, Commander, have you ever run outta gas?”

My Lifelong Friends (TS, GG, EF, JW, PB, KT, DH, MS, PM, LT, JMF, JR, RB, JH)

My mantras

When did I die? It ain’t over till it’s over!

Photos mixed in throughout the book.

Isolated Snippets throughout (“Going home!” “There I am, Pimmey!” “Who’s Harmon?” “Ski for Light instructor” Stuck in a parking garage in my VW van. CACHPA was like hurting medical mice. Wrecked cars. Driving Armstrong/Skinner. Appalachian Trail shorts, Aaron Neville. The Sandhills Crane. My brand of XC Skis. Apple Jack in the basement. My dissertation and the FBI. Building kites. MM’s Ganges. Blind driver Smith.

Appendix: Resume`

*Hint: several chapters have already been published in amongst my poems.

tom tenbrunsel


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