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Updated: May 11, 2023

A full spread on the dinning room table,

Extended out to twelve,

With Mom in apron, my sister Ann,

Aunts and uncles,

and Uncle Frank,

The blessing by my Dad.

Family closely gathered,

To dine together,

All giving Thanksgiving


Mammah Tenny,

Her older sister, Rose,

And cousins abound in rows,

Turkey plus ham the main course,

Ummmmm, Mom’s dressing of course,

Potatoes mashed with gravy,

Cranberry sauce,

Homemade rolls tossed!

Beans, greens, beets,

And little slimy okra tops,

Lined up round children’s plates.

Just 7, I would sneak to the kitchen,

To get more Fannie pie,

You see Fannie helped prepare the meal for us,

And watched me years become a guy.

Nigh on so many, many,

So many moons or so,

Most of whom now are


Gone quite some time ago.


I’ll bring you,

Thanksgiving blessings,

Pass me more of Mom’s dressing,

From that Dinner

Thanksgiving ago.


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1 Comment

Oct 09, 2021

Let us give thanks and adore, because by the Holy Cross, He has Redeemed the World, yet once more🙏

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