Updated: May 8

As I went walking today,

That ribbon of highway,

I came across,

Where Annie,

Annie the donkey lay.

I saw above me, endless


Pushing skyward,

To Mitchell ascending.

I came across a post,

Which for many a strand,

Of bob wire,

Had been the host.

The wires all rusted.

The wires all fallen,

The post still standing,

Castania dentata,

This was its land,

The American Chestnut

*Inspired by Woody Guthrie and Dutch Weilich

This poem can also be found in the PHOTOS tab, 1/11/2021

See also “Message from the Chestnut” poem under the POEMS tab on the Home Page.

I am a former member of the Board of Directors of the American Chestnut Foundation.

Ask me about the American Chestnut😉

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