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Updated: Dec 17, 2023

I came by a man


On hallowed fodder


Praying for his forefather

I listened quietly



As the man spoke

Not of hardship

And grief

But of thanksgiving

That a nation

Was reborn out

Of strife



And gruesome death

He thanked God

For watching over

His chosen Nation

He remembers

His heritage

He remembers slavery

And on one knee

He remembers

That once brother

Fought brother

That both could be free.

The man

Dressed in his great grandfather’s


Out of respect

Prayed thanksgiving

And thanked God Almighty

That his kin

Died a free man!

The man rose

And looked

Right through me

You see I had died

Beside his kin

Me and my soldier brother

Shoulder to shoulder

Black and white


Both to be reborn again.

Author’s Note:

History can be changed but not the facts. No slave fought in the Confederate Army. General Lee proclaimed that every black man that signed up for his army MUST first be freed. General Grant paid $400 to the slave owners who brought their slaves to sale to his army. Note, the Emancipation Proclamation wasn’t signed by Lincoln until three years into the war. To the righteous, I say look within and repent and unite in one nation under God for, by and of the people, that this nation shall not perish from this earth.

I rewrote Lincoln’s words to include, not hinder, that a civil war was fought over states rights. Slavery was on its way out - both black slavery and the enslaved indentured Irish. It had run its course among both North and South. That all men were created equal had persevered from our foundation. Unfortunately, black and white slavery, indentured servants of socialism are rampant yet, in this world Today. The work of the hand of God is yet unfinished. In His name, we pray.

Addendum: Likewise, there are those who say the Civil War was never officially over because there was never a congressional declaration of such or a treaty. To those, I say, let it go. When brother fights brother, there is no need for a treaty. A handshake, a hug will suffice And would be nice. When at Appomattox Lee handed Grant his sword, there was surrender. When Grant handed it back to him, there was the understanding - This is over. Go in peace. Let it never happen again among a people United. Let it go people. We have much bigger fish to fry.

Let Memorial Day remind you of our responsibility to live and prosper together, that brave American souls shall not have died in vain. Peace be with you!

tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of My Domain

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