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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

CONGRATULATIONS! Colonel Brian Tenbrunsel upon your retirement from the United States Air Force. There is no better calling than to serve and defend one’s Country with the dedication, skill and leadership you have shown. You have indeed followed your dream to fly fighter jets, accomplishing what few can claim. You have mastered the F16 with the best of them. You have danced the skies on laughter silvered wings, reached out and touched the hand of God.

I and those around me, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the unwavering duty you have shown in serving in wartime and in peace, to protect this great Nation from enemies foreign and domestic. I am in awe of what you have accomplished in your career in the Air Force. It has been one of my proudest journeys. May your change in command from Fighter Pilot, with Troops that love you, bring you happiness, fulfillment, safety, health and honor you so richly deserve🇺🇸

I first prayed this Prayer at breakfast in Columbus, Mississippi, a few years back, celebrating you and your fellow pilots having successfully completed your A/T-28 training. The rest is history. Please, if you will, join me in a special prayer for our heroes in the air, who stand daily vigilant on the Sky-wall, that we might be free.

“ Lord God, we beseech You, bless our Air Warriors,

As they go each into their separate grey;

Watch over them, and protect them,

And their families,

As they travel daily on our behalf -

We ask this in Your name. Amen.”

Brian, I love you. May you forever be a pilot, and may the wind be always beneath your wings.

3/6/2021, from “Poetry on My Mind,” p69:

Author’s Note: Upon occasion of retirement from the United States Air Force of Colonel Brian Tenbrunsel, Commander of the Swamp Fox, McIntire AFB, Columbia, SC.

©️not for distribution without written permission.

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