Updated: Dec 24, 2021

The Apple may it be,

The Apple you see,

Falls unscrupulously

From the tree,

And tho it be,

It falls upon I and thee.

For tho we were not there,

That unscrupulous day,

To participate in an unscrupulous way,

Still we were rendered mortal,

By that infamous Apple,

That Apple in the tree,

That Apple as it were,

That Apple was not free.

Would you have partaken,

From that naughty Apple?

Would you have bitten,

From such temptation?

To be smitten,


As it were to mortal nakedness,

To spend your days,

Covered in cape?

Huh? Would you?

Would you have bitten?

And risked being smitten?

Hindsight is,

It’s the devil’s playground,

“Jess one little bite,

Z’all it takes,

To be smart and bright,

As He,

You see,

For goodness sakes,

Just bite!”

You think it was really an Apple?

An apple Apple tree?

I mean I’d of had my eye on Eve!

Now that, satan,

Would of fooled me!

But just like that,

In a touch of nonsense,