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Updated: May 25

*photo by Abby Ruppert


Who takes care of all this?

Who's in charge of

The flower pedals

drifting along on cool breeze?

Who takes care of nature’s dazzle?

Who assures brooks babble, creeks creek and streams stream?

Who puts the whistle 'pon the wind?

Who cares for the birds and trees and bees?

Who tends to fire and ashes?

Who puts the warmth in sun?

Who paints spectacular sunsets?

Who applies mood to moon?

Who assures mirth to earth?

So . . . so many things to tend to

from animals, mountains, seas and plains and you and me

People here and people there all wildlife wonders

up and down and down below

Just - do things . . . just spring to life . . . around us . . . all about?

Who says when it’s time for garden things to sprout?

Who sends the night bats out?

Who provides the bounty we receive?

Who gives us the wonderment of mind, body, soul, existence, family, friends?

How does such beauty come about every year, after yesteryear

and again tomorrow?

Who? Pray tell, tell me, who provides joy and peace and ferver?

Who? Who gave us love to love these gifts so close here near and dear?

Tell me who, I’d like to thank him . . . . . or perhaps to thank her.

“Bless us oh Lord and these thy gifts.”

tom tenbrunsel

A Carl Sandburg Writer

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