Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Along the trail,

A brook and he,

There he be,

Surprising me,

By yon tree.

You knew he,

Miles behind him,

Had traveled here

From way aways far,

Perhaps along his way,

Having logged in every path

And star.

I asked him for

A story,

A tale perhaps of he.

I asked him to share a bit,

Of life’s journey,

With me.

He told story,

After story, after story,

And then more,

Nary one it seemed,

I’d not heard afore;

Then like that, It dawned!

As he began his stories,

Even more;

I swear that I had heard them,

I swear I’d heard before.

For he told how he had come,

By hookery

And crook,

He told me of his journey,

To sit this

Babbling brook.

Story after story

Turned fire-lit night

To dawn,

My heart beat fast,

Alas, I now knew;

The storyteller feller,

“Was You!”