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The Portal

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

As by my window,

I stood gazing,

The heavens opened,

The brightness blazing.

So amazing,

So dazing,

Reminding me,

Where my center be.

The tree,

Grew up into the portal,

And Jack and me,

Climbed it.

You would be amazed,



At what we found there!

tom tenbrunsel ©️

Poet Laureate of my Domain

Author’s Note: Nature, this earth is dynamic, ever changing, yet the same. Git out in it and look around you, don’t be shy. Check the sky. Take an ordle* portal. Dance in the rain. Be enticed, sufficed. Plant your bear feet on the peat. Play the Nature Game.

The interpretation of “cajortled” is entirely up to you the reader😊


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1 Comment

Nov 24, 2022

"changing ... the same." Don't remember the source but the only thing constant is change.

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