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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Into the tunnel,


willfully I go,

Willy Nilly,

Caution to the wind;

A double yellow leads me.

Hell-bent on,


What lies ahead

Darkness -

And the other side.

Author’s Note: Life as we see it, with all its uncertainties, leads us down an unknown pathway, more directed than we think - a double yellow line controls us. The tunnel represents a transition, a passage, our knowledge of the future, where nevertheless, we unwittingly go. “What lies ahead?” It could be anything. The old man is skilled, determined, yet destiny catches up. The road has been his life. The tunnel is part of life. Life takes its toll. Happiness shrouds him as he plunges, irregardless of the uncertainty, headlong, consumed into the darkness, that is death - in turn, leading him to the life, the light at the end of the tunnel, the other side, the hear-after, heaven, where his free spirit, freed, rides forever. (p 49, Poetry on My Mind)

*photo by Erin


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