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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

I go on traipsing,

Traipsing along,

As if nothing happened,

‘As if nothing’s wrong,


That things could,

Change so drastically,

So suddenly,

Drastically at all.

One second before,

Was’t deep in life’s snore,

Unawares anymore,

Of things around.

Now it’s so surreal,

I‘s a big deal,

Things have changed,

Change abounds

In my life now, for real.

Where is my grounding,

Where I can stand,


In my beliefs,

I believed in

So profoundly.

No! No!

Now up seems down,

Down is up,

I’m so,

So CONFUSED you see,

Was left right?

Was right wrong?


There will be no WWII!

Clarity comes,

Delivered on air,

Yet I despair,

PANIC abounds,

World’s turned,

Upside down.

So hard to realize,

To surmise

Who did this


And why?

I pray.



Yet I’m found,

Traipsing surreally,

Still traipsing around,

New ground,

Just found,

Newly gifted.

I liked where I was,

I think.

Will I like where,

I am?

Author’s Note: Dig deep folks. This one is prophetically profound. Read it again. On the surface mere traipsing, underneath unwrapping the matrix. A preview? Perhaps. We shall see. It’s a sign of the near future times. Wandering as we’ve been for centuries on end, perhaps even before Eve’s evil sin, what is our purpose here, what in the World’s our goal? Has life been real, or a shadowly surreal? Care to guess? Have we acted under duress? A duress unknown to us, placed here by satans themself to divert us from Truth, from God’s will for US, I stress?

The poem takes us from the crispy backside to the farside. Four stages are alluded to through which we must endure to transcend: Confusion (lasting for a week or so for everyone), Clarity (probably by the military alliance, to enlighten us to what has indeed transpired), Panic (only by those guilty of thievery and treason and unspeakable crimes against humanity), and finally the Conclusion (righting the ships of nations and peace worldwide).

Whils’t it’s been a bumpy ride, I contend that truth and happiness will abide. Many wonderfully unbelievable things are on the horizon. See you on the other side. “God Bless,ye, all ye faithful servants,” On Truth’s knowledge may you thrive.

This is a good time in World History to be alive And pray.

Read the “Comment” below this posted poem:

tom tenbrunsel

Prophet Laureate of My Domain

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