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Updated: Feb 15

*photo by twt of the atrium at Biltmore

Love Sonnet #02012023

My love for you is like the sun so bright,

That fills my heart with warmth and pure delight.

Your beauty is like a star that shines so bright,

Your laughter and your love, my heart takes flight.

Your touch is like a balm that fills my soul,

Your voice is like a song that makes me whole.

Your eyes sparkle like the stars above,

And with you I feel a never ending love.

Your love is like a rose, so sweet and pure,

Your kiss is like a gentle, gentle cure.

Your embrace is like a shelter from the storm,

Your love is like a bridge that I can cross and never be forlorn. 2/1/2023

Author's Note: Beware! What you read may not be real? Don't be fooled by computer generated writing and other materials. We have just come through the Information Age. And we are entering the age of artificial intellengence (AI). Lord knows though AI bypasses the writer's writing, card catalogue and the library by digital means; it has likewise opened the door of miss information and digital deeds. Beware! Be watchful. Be wide awake. Don't take the wooden nickel of AI. Yes, we are entering the bizarre artificial age of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Note the poem above was generated entirely by a computer program utilizing AI. It was even programed to generate an AI poem to mimick me, my writing style. Did it do a good job? You be the judge. I think it's far from my style and quite dully awkward. The love sonnet above seems flat, forced and yucky to me. Eerie though. Huh? We are now entering an age where a robot machine can mimic. What's real and what's not? It is now your responsibility to stay alert. Be decerning. Stay awake. And if you think any of my poems are AI, well that won't happen. I posted this poem to make a point. It's not my work at all. Amazon is now using AI to detect AI generated materials and rejects them. The irony of AI.

Creativity is the gift to humanity. AI is only as good as what's input into it. This is a warning that AI is becoming more and more widespread and refined, making the need to communicate and pray with real people, family friends, neighbors, all the more important. Stay grounded. Stay real. We are entering the Age of AI. Plant your bare feet in the soil. Be smart. Be kind. Be safe. Be aware. Be you.

Sometimes poetry flows right into prose. Sometimes poetry is prose and vice versa. It's Carl Sandburg's style. It's the poet's secret😉

tom tenbrunsel

Carl Sandburg Writer 2023

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