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Updated: May 9, 2023

*photo my well worn Stones shirt

You see I very often go back later, awhile after you’ve read my poem, and change it or add words, punctuations, etc. to my posted poems and comments and Albums. It’s kinda like a scavenger hunt or mystery for y’all. Confusing? Pay attention! Poetry is dynamic, fluid, ever changing for me. Sometimes I sneak an entire poem in on you under BLOGS and PHOTOS. Life is one big game. Have fun 😉

I was at the opening of their last tour at Soldier’s Field in Chicago. It was jam packed. Here’s my interpretation of the real Rolling Stones. Pay close attention to what they are actually doing. The Stones, have a driving, energetic, mesmerizing style to their music. Often misunderstood by their worldly wild side prevention, the Stones message is there in plain sight. Often buried by the popularized distraction of their personal life styles, the underlying messages of the Stones music are real life lessons. Listen to what they have to say, They take one word or phrase and drive it home: Satisfaction, You can’t always get what you want, brown sugar, sympathy for the devil, start me up. Perhaps there is a need to describe the devil, to expose his evil ways, his malicious deeds of malice, war and destruction, corruption, blatant disregard for humanity. Mick calls out the devil; he doesn’t endorse the devil in “Sympathy!” Brown sugar exposes prejudice and racial bias at a time when it was subtly rampant. The Stones call it out. Satisfaction, while written after overhearing a woman in an ice cream store asking for a flavor they were out of, is a lesson in life’s disappointments. And the Stones hammer home reality “but sometimes you may get what you need.” “Start me up,” can be taken several ways. Drugs? Sex? Or get off your ass, get outta the basement and go after life. Do something productive, “It’s enough to make a grown man cry!” The message of interpretation is often right before your eyes. Be wise, listen carefully, look beyond the obvious for the underlying truth. Dive into the message of poetry and song. Think For yourself.

RIP Charlie Ward🙏🏻

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