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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Leaning over his ancient picket fence

Hiking stick relaxed,

“Where’s heaven?” I asked the old fella?

“Jess round the next bend,” he motioned

Corn pipe in his mouth


Under the oak shaded

Mid-noon sweltering tin roof day

Pointing a well-aged finger younder.

"Right here sez other Feller!"


Slapping his knee.

“Look no further, Feller.”

“Down in the holler

Where the hogs root

Heaven ‘ulls been right there,”

Piped up nuther feller

“Nope!” Chimes in a forth Feller

”Heaven’s down at thu hardware store.

Been there by the pickle barrel

Long’s I can ’member.”

“Naw. Heaven’s up along

The Appalachian Trail

Atop Old Max Patch in October

Where old friends meet.”


A voice outta nowhere booms in,

Fills the whole holler

“Heaven’s staring y’all in the face, gents.

“Trust me. Heaven, like nun other place,

Is a different from thuthers

a damn good place!”

Jest then,

Man with the donkey-pulled hay wagon

Shows up outta no-a-where’s

Offered me a lift

“Sir, you-un don’t look like you a gonna make it

On your own

Give you a lift. Hop on.

Was a heading that-a-way myself,”

That place called heaven,

Hain’t that fer off

So-ins Iffen ya plan to git thar

Might’s wanna start now on the road

“The road?”

Yep. The road ta heaven

Twists and winds up, down and around

Eventually uell get thar

Stay on the neat and narrow

Heaven knows

It’s worth it.

“Thar’s heaven. Thar tis!

Jess up ahead.

Told ja.”

“Nice ain’t it?”

”Yep ‘tis.”

tom tenbrunsel

Carl Sandburg Writer 2023

Author’s Note: Heaven’s been on my mind ever since I can remember. Daunting! Not a day goes by I don’t give it some thought and a prayer. Thought with no conclusion. Pray and hope it’s no illusion. Kinda like, “What’s on the other side of the universe.” So’s I figured I’d put it to verse, Sandburg style - he never rhymed a verse. “No reason.” I place my poetic fringe thoughts of heaven smack dab in the Southern Appalachians, which if you think of it, like so many places on earth, resemble my thoughts on heaven. Guess the Maker planned it that way? Don’t know. Hope to find out. What you think of Heaven? give me a shout out!

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Nov 07, 2023

That’s very nicely put. It shouldn’t be that hard to find since the universe is only 94 billon Lightyears in diameter. I think if you walk to the Garden of Eden and take a left it will be right there. Rot thar! Ed Flynn

Nov 07, 2023
Replying to

You’ll note Ed is a student of the cosmos among many many more subjects beyond his PhD in Psychology. Don’t believe me, just ask him. I ask him then lay the phone down, grab lunch and a shower, check the mail box then pick up the phone and he’s still on chapter three of the Universe. I asked him , “ Well then, what’s on the other side of the Universe?” He hung up on me😳

Ed and I are on parallel paths together through the cosmos.

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