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We come in peace,

With a heavy sword,

We speak the truth,

With every word.

We seek not revenge,

But give no quarter,

For God shown the way,

He gave the order.

Night now must fall,

To gather them all,

Then light from above,

Shall shine on the dove,

For it is written,

Where we go 1,

We all go in Love.

So gather your mother,

Your wife, children,

Sister and brother

The time has come,

The time is nigh,

Justice is served,

From Almighty on high.

Under God 1 Nation,

Shall always prevail,

“In God we Trust,”

Be the wind in our sail.

We the people,

United we stand,

For, With and By,

In God’s Nation again.

Justice is served,

Liberty prevails,

We sent satan,

Straight to hell!


January 2021

Author’s Note: Do you believe in coincidences? What is the type of boat Washington used to cross the Delaware? Durham Boats.

You might also enjoy “Continental Miracle” a look back and n’er remember the truggery great frozen warriors endured to win by ice-stealthy bravery, against all odds, to win and deliver to us our great Nation

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