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It’s about time you got to know me especially on my birthday. I’ve always said you get to know me and my journey best through my poems and stories😉

Born in Nashville 6/3/42, I am the son of Mary E (Floersh) and JU Tenbrunsel

I am brother, husband, father, grandfather, psychologist, fundraiser, writer/poet laureate, VP at a university, lived in eight states, traveled the world, owned my own businesses

I have run track in college and won ( 440, 440 relay, 220 low hurdles).

I have raced bikes and won gold (Senior Olympics)

I have built and raced Go Karts and won

I have driven race cars

I have built a car (’33 Ford)

I have raced Sailboats on Lake Erie

I have sailed a DN iceboat

Eagle Scout and Boys State in the 50s

I have run a marathon (Detroit)

I have crossed Michigan on XC Skis.

Done the 50 km Red Earth Loppet (Upper Peninsular)

I am a “Ski for Light” Certified X-C Ski Instructor

I have traversed Michigan the long way on a bicycle (DALMAC)

I served on the American Chestnut Board of Directors

I served on the Board of Land O’ Sky Trout Unlimited

As VP for Advancement at UAH, I received the largest gift ever given by GM, $51 million

I have hiked the Grand Canyon

I have ridden the Guinnethon 600 miles in 7 days

I am an ultra-light backpacker/camper

I am a fisherman

I am an expert canoeist

I am an expert marksman

I am a casual gardener

My Grade School basketball team was TN State Champs (1956)

I have made a kite from scratch out of brown paper and Sweet Annie Weeds and flown it

I’ve flown a plane (albeit not landed it)

I have met a lot of people in my lifetime who accomplished great things

I have been to the summit of Mt. Mitchell

I have touched both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

I have been in 43 of the 50 United States of America

I am “Coach”

I am a sports psychologist

I am a lifelong learner

I am a patriot

I am prepared

I am a writer and a storyteller

My daughter calls me global

I am Papa

🎶 Who am I 🎶 Who am I 🎶 #60342 !

Author’s Note: Woke up this morning, eighty!!! whoa! And while fixin’ my cap-a’-joe, that darned old Keurig that Laura gifted me was ‘a saying, “Hit the road! Hit the Road! Hit the road!” Not today, Keurig. The only road I’m hitting is to the pool for my birthday party. Fifty was nifty, Lordy, Lordy forty was long time ago, seventy was one wild ride, eighty is greaty, and beats the alternative. I’ll take it and run with it. Come along wit me! I made it and as a wise fella used to say, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” https://www.tenbrunsel.com/post/twilight-morning

I also woke up to lots of well-wisher notes and a beautiful granddaughter singing . . .

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