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Updated: May 9, 2023

We were put here on this earth,

When, where and how?

In ways inexplicable we,

We have shared creation’s vow.

Through the Word which in the beginning,

That Word that wiped our sin,

We have been a part of creation,

Since creation did begin.

In billions of trillions of variables,

Yet unique we solely are,

Unique as every jillion eon,

As unique as every star.

As from the dark created

There was light to light the soul,

We have seen our existence unfold,

We have seen those before us,

Lead from dark to light of old.

Joshua fit the battle,

For whom? To whom? By Whom?

Before Christ, Elijah had come, gone and come.

Moses was chosen to lead on earth

The people of God plucked from doom,

lead from a Pharohtic Egypt,

Into the light of freedom’s freedom,

From the dark of oppression’s gloom.

Moses talked with the Creator,

And the plan was etched in stone,

To cross the Red Sea,

The Red Sea parted,

And by God, Moses,

lead his people home.

It was a miracle!

A miracle indeed,

A God-like miracle,

much like, today we need.

What’s to be our miracle?

Who will come forthright?

To lead us to new creation,

Led from dark to light.

Will it take another Moses?

To lead us on our Way,

We, the faithful, have been lost,

Who will save our day?

We pray.

We need a sign,

We need direction,

God is on our side,

It is us that He has chosen,

To lead from dereliction,

Who will be the chosens’ one?

Who will be our Moses?

Author’s Note: I bring you this prophecy that it will be biblical; that Babylon will fall. its suggested suggested we trust His Love and Justice and put hate and vengeance behind us, unite and where one goes we go all. There’s a change in the horizon’s hue. They promise us, God willing, we’ve won, our freedom renewed. A freedom taken, stolen, so deceitfully sinister, that we, we had no idea before; that we weren’t free at all, our fortunes stolen by wretched evil, unimaginable on our shores. We shall rise up upon whitened horses, king to bishop four. Our minds awakened, brighter than before. It’s Biblical for sure, as God has had a hand in redeeming us once more. God gave us the tools to do it and by God, with God, we tooled away, and cut the snakes from the trees and ditches, by God, God through us, saved the day. We did, by the way, find our Moses, or perhaps our David King. The rods of God up-welled and struck down satan straight to hell. Imagine a world at peace, neighbor helping neighbor. Imagine peace on earth goodwill toward men now, once more, from our Savior. We did it. We did it! The people won the day. Now on bended knee, we pray, for our Redeemer has shown the way, saved the day.

Is it true or just a dream? A wish, a hope, to awake the woke, to see, what can be, when the swamps around the world get drained. Who will be our Moses and will he walk in His shoes?

I’m a bit perhaps out on a limb here, but wouldn’t it be nice if peace and love won out and persisted around the world? No more wars. For You and I to witness the Red Sea parted once more, to set the record straight and people free, in this BIBLICAL precipice in the history of the world? why that would be just divinely dandy, that would be nice, and would suffice, at least “for a thousand more years of mine.”

the poem “Rebirth of My Nation”

©️September 1, 2021, twt *photo courtesy of Church of Jesus Christ

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Oct 13, 2021

Dorothy, Thanks for your observation😉

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