Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We were put here on this earth,

When, where and how?

In ways inexplicable we,

We have shared creation’s vow.

Through the Word which in the beginning,

That Word that wiped our sin,

We have been a part of creation,

Since creation did begin.

In billions of trillions of variables,

Yet unique we solely are,

Unique as every jillion eon,

As unique as every star.

As from the dark created

There was light to light the soul,

We have seen our existence unfold,

We have seen those before us,

Lead from dark to light of old.

Joshua fit the battle,

For whom? To whom? By Whom?

Before Christ, Elijah had come, gone and come.

Moses was chosen to lead on earth

The people of God plucked from doom,

lead from a Pharohtic Egypt,

Into the light of freedom’s freedom,

From the dark of oppression’s gloom.

Moses talked with the Creator,

And the plan was etched in stone,

To cross the Red Sea,

The Red Sea parted,

And by God, Moses,

lead his people home.

It was a miracle!

A miracle indeed,

A God-like miracle,

much like, today we need.

What’s to be our miracle?

Who will come forthright?

To lead us to new creation,

Led from dark to light.

Will it take another Moses?

To lead us on our Way,

We, the faithful, have been lost,