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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

“Wisdom be not fleeting, but grasp me in thy clutches and set me free, for I am mankind in need!”

Wisdom, what are you?

Where are you?

I grasp for you,

And yet you are fleeting,

As if some fog envelops,

My foggy-wise existence,

So hard to heed,

When best in need!

Show yourself to me, Wisdom.

Pull me from the darkness of desperation,

I cannot think,

I cannot take one step,

Not one desperate step,

Without your lighting my way.

Show me the way,

I beg you, Wisdom

Be with me forever,

And ever, all my days.

Yet is Wisdom fleeting or not?

I rather think not.

The older the wiser?


Perhaps not.

Wisdom’s unlimited.

Wisdom is free,

So gather Wisdom,

Wherever it may be.

Light this Earth, Wisdom

With your lighted way.

Wisdom is Truth,

Light our days.

Look to your elders.

What They’ve accrued with age,

Don’t write them off,

As your main source of sage.

A bit of advice,

Seek out the company,

Of the good and the wise,

Look first for aged sage,

In the sage aged,

Where Wisdom’s found,

Times thrice.

The Wisemen were wise,

Granted, a gift from God,

To follow yon star,


Though beguiled as fools,

Only to pro-seize the seat of Wisdom,

From a Child.

They say you can’t take it with you.

Can you?

Do you?

When you die?

Or is Wisdom eternal,


Passed on to you from I.

Is Wisdom,

The gold of creation?

And as such,

shouldn’t we clutch,

And cherish,

And seek it,

In every crevice,

Under every clach?

So heed you not,

Lest Wisdom not,

Be sought,

And forgot,

And pass you by,

for mere lies.

Seek out the Wise,

And drink in,

Their Wisdom,

And stories,

From within.

For, within, for you,

Tis, a gifted surprise,

No strings attached,

In this U(niverse),

The gold is discovered,

Within your mind’s eye.

For the only way to preserve it,

Wisdom, that is,

Is to hold it within you,

Let not a day go by,

That you don’t spy,

Wisdom’s wise hue view.

Perhaps it is so,

That Chardin*,

Had it discovered,


That Wisdom shared,

Is the Sixth Sense,


Teach your children well,

Lavish them with Wisdom,

Lest they end up knelled,

Without the key,

To Heaven

So hear ye! Hear ye!

A word to the wise,

Seize the moment!

Seek out Wisdom,

From the wise,

Lest the Wise,

Take it with them,

Leaving you with unknowing,


Wisdom is the Spirit within us.

So seek Wisdom!

Find Wisdom!

Cherish Wisdom!

Love Wisdom!

Accept Wisdom!

Respect Wisdom!

Honor Wisdom!

Heed Wisdom!

Be wise in your venture!

Pray for Wisdom!

For its Wisdom,

That’s God’s

Special gift to you.

*Teilhard de Chardin, “A New Synthesis of Evolution.” Read It. It’s only 72 pages long. It gives insight that the sixth sense is shared intellect/consciousness. Transcend from ignorance. Transcend if you must. Transcend in intellect. Transcend from the dust.

Teilhard prophesied Project Looking Glass, or was he in on its inception.

Wisdom teleports on communication.

I wrote this poem for my grand grandchildren, and they are none the wiser😎

🎶Speaking words of Wisdom, Let it be. Let it be🎶

tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of My Domain

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