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Author’s Note: Yes! Yes, it’s a self portrait. Scribbled it myself. Right handsome likeness, I thought, so I included it with the hand written poem. It’s about the story. Always there’s a story behind every poem. That’s precisely why I include “Author’s Notes,” to tell you from whence came the idea to form the poem (with help from the Spirit, the sixth sense, more often than not). In school, I always wanted to know what the poet was thinking, why write such a poem, artistically twisting words, commas and meanings which, befuddled, my lame dyslexic one tract schoolboy brain simply couldn’t decipher. What was the intended message? I obviously had reader’s block in school. So I decided to include “Author’s Notes” and VOILA! Folks love it❤️

HINT: Find me! Find my patented artist’s signature in the drawing above. Those of you who have autographed copies of my books will see it below and to the right, right away😉 If you don’t have an autographed copy, just text me a photo of you holding one of my books.

tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of My Domain

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