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EASTER WEEK 2024: The Second Coming? A Nation Reborn?

*Cross Lazer Sculpture by Jim Williams RIP

Although, the first coming of Christ on earth was over 2024 years ago, I guess. I contend He’ll back, this time for the same reason - to clean up our mess.

“For God so loved the world that He sent his beloved son.” (John 3:16). But why? Why way back then? Why not now when there is so much more corruption among billions of people throughout the world, so much more immorality, sin, greed and evil. Well, the first two people, Adam and Eve screwed it up right away. I mean 100% of people ate the apple! Then a lots more years later, Moses parted the Red Sea with God’s Tablets with a snake-like walking stick. Sodom and Gomorrah occurred, worshiped false gods and was destroyed. A good bunch of humanity had entered the immoral and corruption stench trench. Wokers! Then there was Noah and that big big boat and water water everywhere. It appears that mankind, while made in the image of God, with free will, when left to their own ways, just can’t keep their shit on the right tac!

So, voila! God is back! Yeah? But every 2000 years? Probably. But if you look at history, God has been here and worked countless miracles quite regularly. Meddling in our business? No. But who do you think stopped the British from pursuing and decimating the Continental Army at the battle of New York? Huh? Coincidence or Devine Intervention? It could have ended right there patriots, before it really got started. Miracle! Ask how, against a solar-minimum winter and against all shivering odds did a rag tag Washington manage to cross an ice packed Delaware on empty stomachs, on bloody bootless feet, canons bogged down in snowy slog - How? And how did such a defeated army, rising from starvation at Valley Forge, manage to surprise the British crack Hessians at Trenton and decimate them on Christmas morning, changing the fate of God’s chosen Nation. How? How on earth? Another miracle.

So do I believe God'll be here on Easter 2024 or so for the second coming? Probably not; Maby so. Here to work another miracle? Let’s hope so. Here to right the insidious grip the devil has on the wretched among us? Probably so. To once again help us rid evil, corruption, greed, immoral sins, false gods and to re-establish Himself, In God we trust? Yep.

Yes, their plan has been in place for decades. Our plan recognized the evil cancer of a Godless NWO. Is there plan is in place to destroy the destroyers? The shot has been heard round the world once more. Rejoice in His name for we are e pluribus unum. 🇺🇸

At the first coming, the birth of Christ, stars in the sky shown bright and the Trumpet sounded. Once again the Trumpet is sounding. It’s Easter Week. Let us rejoice and be glad, for He shall raise us up on the last day. Thank God.🙏🏻🇺🇸

*(April 12th on the Julian Calendar)

Tom Tenbrunsel

A Carl Sandburg Writer

“These are the Times That Once More, Time and Again and Again, Try Men’s Souls. Pray”

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