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I read it and reread it, read it again, read it and re-reread it, and every, every time, every time I read it, tears of joy and love of daughter, well up and I feel fulfilled over and over and again. Many miles behind us, many miles to go, my daughter is there, there with me in my heart. What joy comes from daughter’s, and daughter’s having daughters for them. We are the reason for each other’s existence.

Read “From a Daughter’s Perspective”, on the back cover of “Casual Gardening.” then read it again. Take your time. Put yourself in the moment. Read it and waller in its depth. Have you been there? I was. The publisher asked for a blurb for the back cover of the book. I had writer’s block at that point and asked Erin if she might write something. She did. And she nailed it! You see, I’m a pretty good writer, but my daughter Erin is eons better. Just wait till she hits her stride. Read it and weap❤️

PS: For those with copies of both my books - “Poetry on My Mind“ and “Casual Gardening” - Erin designed both covers. Am I a luck guy or what😎

🎶Happy B-Day to you🎶Happy B-Day to you🎶Happy B-Day dear ET🎶Happy B-Day to-oo You🎶

Author’s Note: I added two new quotes today: “There are things in my life I never could have imagined.”

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