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Let us take pause from the hustle bustle of everyday life to sit down with family and friends in giving thanks. How I remember a time earlier in life, when our family had first moved to Michigan when I took a position at MSU. We were the new family in town and the American Indians of the Ottawa Nation invited us to their Thanksgiving Dinner. With heartfelt thanks and an even deeper meaningfulness, I will never forget their welcoming generosity in the tradition of the first pilgrims/Indian Thanksgiving. Thank you Bill Crossing the River, you have been a lifelong friend.

And thank God for His many such blessings.

tom tenbrunsel

Poet Laureate of Thanksgiving

*photo of the Tenbrunsel/Flynn reunion many Thanksgiving moons ago

Author’s Note:

You may not have scrolled back far enough on this website to November 2020, to catch my open, “Thanksgiving Ago.”

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