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Updated: Aug 28, 2022

*photo by Erin

Two Gentlemen,

Met on Max Patch,

Just a tad,

Below the sky.

Two Gentlemen met

On Max Patch

Hav’n Traveled far

and nei.

One that would,

Talk your ear off,


With big ole’ ears,

Their chatter,

And their laughter,

Would bring a body tears,

Of old times,

New times,

Good times,

Of times a’ running out,

Next time you see ‘em up there,

Give ‘em both a shout.

Known each ‘chuther forever,

Both with big ole eyes,

Where’d their journeys take ‘em,

Under Appalachian skies.

Like brothers to one another,

Brothers-in-laws for sure,

They’d traveled a’ways from Rocky top,

Buena Vista and Howard Road,

They talked about everything from fixing and karting,

They knew bout all’st you need a’ know.

Two gentleman,

Met on Max Patch,


‘Bout same age now,

One not the other,

Being older,

Hit don’t matter,


Cause up there on Max Patch,

Just below the stars,

They’d just a soon’s meet up there,

Their journeys’ who they are.

Author’s Note:

A reading today, of my poetry. A reading on high, to hikers and passerby’s. I stood next the Max Patch Geo-Marker, smack dab in the middle of the Appalachian Trail, and announced to all, “Two Gentlemen met on Max Patch.” There was Applause to my tall tale! Tom Tenbrunsel, Poet Laureate of My Domain

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