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Updated: Nov 5, 2022

The Poet Laureate of My Domain

Poetry! Don’t rush thru it! Read with your heart, not your mind. Let your mind straggle behind that first reading. Take your time. Poetry is song; song is poetry. Poetry is the storyteller’s story in rhyme. Pause. Reflect. Look carefully at the photo afforded (all my poetry). Read carefully the “Author’s Notes” (I think every poet should provide his or her interpretation, reason for the poem. And I often hide poetry in my prose😉). Now! Now read it again. And again, if you have to. Once you get it - that “Ah! Ha!” moment - read it out loud. Enjoy your gift. Share it with family and friends!

Engage life! Engage your soul! Engage my creation to show your understanding and support. Unlock the puzzle. There are no rules, only the author’s choice. Catch the innuendo. Dig deep between the lines. Don’t just read a poem. It will be like a windy breeze in one ear and out the other, never to reach your soul, where poetic digestion occurs. For what is the point of eating without digestion? I write poems to enkindle in you the fire in your belly. Stand up and shout it out. Read it again; out loud this time, with VIGOR! Pray it! Mean it - every word, comma, made-up word, the shape and form of the poem. Savor every rhyme and reason. Then, and only then, will you see the need to share your viewpoint, for you would have understood what I wrote - the flesh between the lines and behind the words and rhyme! Take the time! A poem is not a poem; it is a piece of life. For God’s sakes, if all else fails, ring me up and I’ll read the damn thing to you!!!

If you like it, click on the ❤️ symbol. Believe me - Feedback is the fuel that drives the poet! Engage the poet! Don’t be afraid to add your own point of view, in a comment or two! Worst thing can happen is I’ll delete it, boo hoo 😂😂😂😂😂

HOW TO READ POETRY: To read my poems, to read any poem, follow theses guidelines. Study the photo associated with the poem. Get the picture? Put yourself in the atmosphere from whence the poet writes. Read the poem. Then reread it, slowly, carefully, letting shape, syntax, hidden meanings, clues guide you properly. Read it aloud, loudly, with poetic gusto and tempo, as you might read a symphony. Pay particular attention to my subtle punctuation and format and use of staccato and non-words! Let it sink in. Read the Author's Notes. Don’t ever hesitate to ask the poet for interpretation. It’s your right and responsibility to do so. Then come back to it, later, and this time, live the poem, as it was meant. Commit to it. Cross the Rubicon. Got it? Did you get it? Then share it. Read it to another. When the poem touches your soul, you may feel cold-chills, as the poem washes over you - ah ha! You have given it, it’s true life; for poetry does not stand alone; it must transcend from the poet to reader. For what good is it to have read a book of poems and never connected to the author’s intention?

Let me suggest you go to the “POEMS” category and scroll through the list. There are over two hundred now. Pick out five and practice your newfound talent. Ah! Haa!

There! Now you know. Let me hear from you.

“Thank you. Thank you very much, uh.”

*Keep scrolling down. There is a world to discover in over 200 poems, and photos, and songs on this website. Have fun exploring and participate! Sign in to COMMENT😊

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